One of my hobbies turned business ventures is to make pretty themed websites… Or rather, fully optimized traffic generating blogs – with all the bells and whistles! Here’s a showcase of some of the sites I’ve done, a few more to be added soon…

Esoteric School of
Shamanism and Magic

My latest and perhaps greatest work yet, this is a complete redesign for an existing client site, including online store and full membership site integration.


Essential Knowledge

A summary of the teaching of the shamans of ancient Mexico, done by yours truly from the works of Carlos Castenada. Very interesting stuff and one of my favourite site designs too.


I Love Lucid… Dreaming!

This is my first blog design, promoting my lucid dreaming and astral projection course. Needs a bit of redesign work now but the content is all my own, plus it’s got great rankings now as a result. 🙂


Elemental Education

Really like how this site turned out, for the new Elemental Education Inc. project, with full social network functionality, forums, resource library and more, this will be an ongoing and growing project.


Pingback Pro

Website for my WordPress blog promotion plugin Pingback Pro, with thousands of satisfied customers I’m happy with it’s success. Also I’ve put together some free guides to getting your own website up and running and marketing it with low-cost plugins such as this one.


Local MADE

A neat little site for the Local MADE festival held in Bellingen each year. Features tabbed browsing and a few other cool things, but moreso, just come to the festival and get your boogie on!


Hypnosis Gnosis

This is a sample site for an information marketing blog that could be on any topic, it just needs content and some promotion. The idea is to get rankings and earn money through affiliate commissions.


Of course, there’s always the site you’re on now. But I don’t know who did that, could have been anyone really. 🙂